Thunderbolt Fighter

Thunderbolt Fighter

The Thunderbolt Fighter is a military jet aircraft in use by Khalite, a design imported from another nation.


Chassis: Thunderbolt Fighter Crew: Pilot Powerplant: 2 x F122v Afterburning Turbofans Weight: 14 Metric Tons empty Length: 14.2m Wingspan: 16.06m Height: 3.5m with landing gear down Max Speed: 2,200kph Operational Ceiling: 39,000 Meters with jet engines Operational Range: 12,000 kilometers Main Armament: 6 x nose Autocannons Secondary Armament: 4 missiles or 4 bombs Main Ammunition: 1,000 rounds Secondary Ammunition: 4 ordnance

The Thunderbolt primarily serves as an air superiority fighter, given the task of hunting down enemy bombers or engaging enemy fighters in order to establish air superiority over the battlefield. However one of the chief advantages of the design is its versatility, allowing it to fulfill other types of missions. Thunderbolt fighters frequently serve as high altitude escort fighters for flights of Marauder Bombers. They can also be adapted to serve as low level fighter-bombers, night fighters and reconnaissance aircraft. Typically, Rocket Force Thunderbolt squadrons operate thirty aircraft.

The Thunderbolt is a tough aircraft to destroy, built around an armored superstructure and cockpit. 2 Twin F122v afterburning turbofans gives the Thunderbolt a good top speed in atmospheric flight, while a rocket booster engine allows it to operate in the vacuum of space and for fast take-offs when mounted on ground-based hydraulic ramps.