Geography of Tholisia:

Total Population: 1,020,000,000Edit

Domesht Province:

Location: North Eastern tip of Tholisia, borders Tishal Province by Timehk Vonn river from the bottom of the 1st northern peninsula to the large bay to the south.

Geography: The province is primarily a mountainous jungle with some peaks poking high past the natural tree line. Timehk Vonn and its many offshoots spread throughout the deep valleys and are a major hub for travel for local vahr.

Main Industry: The main industry in the province is fishing, mining, and agriculture (rice and coffee in terraces).

Major Cities: The only major city is Forvesh which centers around a rich iron mine. The only other population centers are in small villages.

Population: 2,000,000

Tishal Province:Edit

Location:South west of Domesht with a southern border in the middle of the skinny part of Tholisia.

Geography: Most of the province is a very hilly jungle with rivers and streams criss crossing the province.

Main Industry: Fishing and agriculture, primarily of marijuana and Vak Kah (to be described in “plants and animals of the Vahric lands”).

Major Cities: The major cities are Dimmeh and Shikahl which lay to the south on the coasts.

Population: 1,000,000

Makalik Province:Edit

Location: Bordering Tishal to the North and Solersk in the middle of Tholisia.Edit

Geography: Dimmeh is filled with jungle forests and constantly gets hit with rainstorms.

Main Industry: Agriculture.

Major Cities: Zeemek, Tollahr, and Mundaer which lay on the western coasts.

Population: 1,000,000

Solersk Province:Edit

Location: Solersk borders Makalik to the North and surrounded by the southern coasts.

Geography: Solersk is relatively flat and is home to many river deltas and does not have many trees.

Main Industry: Agriculture and commerce.

Major Cities: Zealaz, Timahk, vorred, and Zomm which are all located on the coasts and are major hubs of commerce.

Population: 420,000,000

Monvehr Province:Edit

Location: Monvehr is on the large landmass west of the mainland.

Geography: The island is home to a large active volcano in the center of the island while the land close to the shore is jungle.

Main Industry: Agriculture and mining.

Major Cities: Tapol and Zedek which lay inland near the volcano.

Population: 200,000,000