Typical Zayd body-type and traits.

The Zayd are a species that was created by Khalite.


Average Adult Height: 1.87 meters

Average Adult Weight: 90 to 102 kilograms

Zayd have similar physical tolerances to Human beings. Internal organs are similar, for the most part, and the Zaydish body is humanoid.

However, Zayd have more natural defenses and threatening traits. They possess sharp teeth, retractable claws on their hands and feet, and lastly, a tail.

The tail ends in either a barb or a lacerator. The barb-type tail injects venom. The lacerator slices through flesh.

Zayd have a more neuron connections assigned to their nervous systems, and even a secondary redundant nervous system. They can precisely control their movements with greater agility than Human beings.


Zayd are argued to be one of the most competitive, manipulative, and self-serving species to ever enter the diplomatic stage. They are frighteningly ambitious, disgustingly narcissistic and egotistical, and they have a streak of sadism in their personalities wherein they derive pleasure from humiliating others.

They maintain an established superiority complex, and they are quick to become jealous of others. Zayd constantly seek to learn new skills to outmatch those they view as unworthy of success. They are quite a few steps above ordinary douchebags, in that they do not seek to deceive others into viewing them as better in some way, but instead they actually take pro

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gressive steps to ensure that their social supremacy is an  understood fact based on action.

Zayd are very busy people, because they have a biological imperative to "one up" others and make others look less competent by comparison. They mostly live on planet Lerodas, and the vast majority of nations and social groups despise the Zayd.

Despite being disliked in a widespread fashion, no amount of criticism or ostracism ever succeeds in convincing the Zayd to play nice with others or change their ways. Their aptly and inhumanly large egos seemingly deflect all attempts to ever convince them that they do not deserve to be better than everyone else, like bullets from the hull of a tank.

Because of their great energy and obsessive personal drive to better themselves in a tangible way, Zayd almost always accumulate a wide variety of practical skills to draw from, and throughout their lifetimes they also tend to master more skills in general than other groups. They learn and grow as people out of spite and a passive-aggressive desire to dominate, not out of any real love for knowledge.