Selakus, large and majestic.

The Selakus are a species that was created by Khalite. 

Ocean LivingEdit

They commonly make their homes under the sea, away from land. They can breathe air, but they're more comfortable in aquatic environs. They are self-sufficient hunters that prey upon other oceanic creatures of all sizes.


Selakus, at adult age, generally range in height between 2.13 and 2.43 meters.

Their diet consists solely of meat.

Their liver produces a special oil, like that of a shark, that makes it difficult for them to contract disease.

They can detect scents and sounds underwater very acutely.

Selakus have an organ that allows them to key in on electrical impluses in the water, including heartbeats.


Selakus come from the Khalite culture. This means that a certain level of uniformity and discipline is expected of them. The Selakus have a well-developed sense of justice, and if they feel wronged or slighted, they will attempt to acquire compensation or see that justice is done.

Selakus have very limited moral views on animal life. The poor treatment of animals doesn't weigh in on their "moral radar", since the predator-prey relationship between them and animals causes them to perceive most small creatures as food rather than friends. Fish are food, not friends.

Selakus are often perceived as brutish, but in private company they can be rather gentle. As social beings they understand how big and clumsy they can be, and that they can accidentally hurt others. That being said, when Selakus engage in social activities out of water, they try not to inconvenience others by being too physically energetic. You might be asking yourself what the big deal is, which means you've never been thwacked to the ground by the tail of an oblivious Selakus.