The Moon of Kerodan



 Seodae is the only moon of Kerodan. Much like Sindahri once was, Seodae is a barren land where life does not naturally occur. Seodae goes through phases and causes drastic changes in Kerodan’s tides. It’s lack of life is due to 

constant volcanic eruptions and its thick carbon dioxide atmosphere.

Information about Seodae

Surface Area: 3.09×107 km2 Average Distance from Kerodan 3.844 x 105 km 

Orbital Speed 19 d 8 h 21.2 min

Composition:Seodae's crust is mostly made up of silica, iron, basalt, feldspar, and many other minerals. 

Life: There is no known natural life on Seodae. 

Notable traits: Seodae is known for its thick carbon dioxide atmosphere, treaturous volcanic feilds in the south, and its subterranian water deposits.