Lerodas: A Historical Overview

On Xurra

Xurra, a land which is now known for its status of the cultural melting pot of Lerodas, was once the homeland of two mighty civilizations which seemingly vanished without a trace. These two civilizations were the Arcostics and the Cervarus. While the two civilizations vanished at diferent times they both kept extremely detailed historical archives and their cultures revolved around the same set of gods.

The Arcostic and the Cervarus civilizations both worshiped a set of deities which were described as descending to Lerodas on shining dragons. During the descent of the gods to Lerodas the Xurran people described it as a war between thousands of dragons with the dead falling to Lerodas like stones. They describe massive explosions in the sky with debris falling down to Lerodas which were said to be massive in size. The battle resulted in three days of darkness as the sky was blotted out by ash.Edit

It is said that after the battle the gods came down to the Xurran landmass and were described as being of two races; a large six armed bearded race and a much smaller race with strange appendages coming from its neck. The gods were said to be led by Drom, Sivala, Zeentehr, and Zavehya who were described as two husband and wife couples. Drom and Sivala were much larger than the other gods and wielded six magic swords which held the souls of dragons in its hilt. Sivala was described as having unnatural beauty, long golden hair, snow white glowing skin, and eyes bluer than the sea. Zeentehr was small and a dragon rider who spent long months tending to it. He had short black hair, magic flowing through his veins, and eyes like flames. He constantly worked his magic on a large golden disk. Zavehya was black haired, yellow eyed, and with child. Edit

There were thousands of gods that came to Xurra, all of which provided for and helped advance the Arcostic and Cervarus people. Drom was said to advance the military might of the people he favored, the Arcostics, and was revered as a war god. Sivala was held as a goddess of beauty and favored the Cervarus while Zeentehr and Zavehya acted as healers.

Stone tablets from the time speak of the anger of the gods being released onto Xurra during a war between the Arcostics and Cervarus people. The punishment was not for the war but for the corrupt deed of the Cervarus priests who took Sivala by force for their lustful needs. They took her beauty for their own selfish needs and as a result Drom unleashed his wrath upon their people.

“Drom let out a godly roar and struck out at the world with his swords of flames. For seven days the sun’s light was blotted out by the smoking anger. Finally with the sun’s light the Cervarus were no more.”

-Translated from the tablets of Mon.Edit