The Prosperous and Varied Races of IltanyuEdit

The Iltanyu are, in fact, Humans; They are Homo Sapiens.  The most defining features of the Iltanyu are their grand size, coloring, and resilience towards environmental factors.

Akidasohku daveyahEdit


Akidasohku dancing at festival

ah-kee-d'-SOH-koo d'-vay-YAH _ The People on the Fields

The most populated race of the Homeland. This is the average Iltanyu, and this race is often referred to as the "Valley Race".  Most commonly found among the following Clans: Awihda, Sahla, Umatahsekuh, Nokwiteh, Aresavisha, Wahdiwir, Uyerwai, and Vihka. They may be present in others, but in very small minorities.

Averages, Male and Female

Height: 6ft 10in - 7ft 3in

Weight: 250lbs - 310lbs

Skin Color: Dark Reddish-brown

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black, Blackened Brown

Hair Type: Straight

Aniroh daveyahEdit

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Aniroh celebrating war victory

ah-nee-ROH d'-vay-YAH _ The People towards the North

The second-most populated race of the Homeland.  Most commonly found among the following Clans: Kuayu, Ganuyi, Siwohdi, Loshuao, and Nuwohali.

Averages, Male and Female

Height: 6ft 7in - 7ft

Weight: 210lbs - 270lbs

Skin Color: Light brown, White (pale in comparison to other races)

Eye Color: Brown, Light Brown

Hair Color: Black, Brown, Dark Blonde

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy

Akiama daveyahEdit


Rich Akiama male with full Captain garb

ah-kee-'ah-mah d'-vay-YAH _ The People on the Water

Arguably the Most Beautiful Race with fair olive skin and bright colored eyes and hair.  Most commonly found among the following Clans: Sa, Okaivanoh, Dodoiyatuem, Moih, and Elahal.

Averages, Male and Female

Height: 6ft 4in - 6ft 9in

Weight: 190lbs - 250lbs

Skin Color: Olive, Fair

Eye Color: Brown, Light brown - Females only: Blue, Green

Hair Color: Black, Brown, Blonde, Auburn, Strawberry Blonde

Hair Type: Wavy, Curly

Facial Hair(Male only): Localized growth around the mouth and chin, Full beards only after age 32

Odohsi daveyahEdit

oh-DOH-see d'-vay-YAH _ The Bear People
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Odohsi Warrior in full uniform

Tallest, Heaviest, and Strongest Race of the Iltanyu.  Most commonly found among the following Clans: Dohsi, Sanne, and Keokweshi.

Averages, Male and Female

Height: 7ft 7in - 8ft

Weight: 305lbs - 340lbs

Skin Color: Reddish-Brown

Eye Color: Dark Grey, Pale Brown

Hair Color: Black, Brown, Light Brown, Dirty Blonde

Hair Type: Straight

Facial Hair(Male Only): Growth begins at age 19, up to a 2 inch beard by age 25

Nekai daveyahEdit

neh-kigh d'-vay-YAH _ The People in the Sky

A Nekai Family, the father is fresh shaven for the photo

The least populated race in the Homeland.  Abnormally short and stocky for Iltanyu and the Hairiest of them all.  Most commonly found among the following Clans: Kai and Shuwah.

Averages, Male and Female

Height: 5ft 10in - 6ft 3in

Weight: 190lbs - 250lbs

Skin Color: Pale Brown, Light Reddish-Brown

Eye Color: Brown, Gray

Hair Color: Black, Gray, White

Hair Type: Wavy, Curly

Facial Hair(Male Only): Growth begins at puberty, up to a 2 inch beard by age 20.

The Ancient and Diminishing VandrEdit

Vahndenyu marohEdit

VAHN-dihn-yoo ma-ROH _ The Vandr of the North

Vahndenyu Clanguardsman of Kuayu

The last remaining people of the Long-Ago Departed Vandr Race. Only a small portion remains in the Homeland among the Northern Clans of Kuayu, Ganuyi, Loshuao, Siwohdi; only an estimated 3 million. They Still cling to their ancient language of "Vandush" (in Vandush), but better known to the Iltanyu as "Mavahntu" (in Iltantu), and the speakers are known as "Vahndenyu" by the Iltanyu.

The Vahndenyu are the most different of all the Races of the Homeland and are rather very picky about only having children of pure Vahndenyu Blood be born. If a Vahndenyu Woman gives birth to a child that is not from a Vahndenyu Man, the Child is banished and removed from the family, and the Woman loses her chance to have children for her life.

Averages for Males Height: 6 feet, 10 inches Weight: 190 Pounds Skin Color: Pale-White Eye Color: Grey-Blue, Light-Brown Hair Color: Light Brown, Auburn Hair Type: Straight, Wavy

Averages for Females Height: 6 feet, 8 inches Weight: 160 Pounds Skin Color: Pale-White, Pale-Olive Eye Color: Grey-Blue, Light-Brown, Pure-White Hair Color: Light Brown, Auburn, Vibrant Red, Red-Blonde Hair Type: Curly, Wavy, Straight

Other features Vahndenyu are a fair skinned, skinny, tall race, with a vibrant assortment of Hair and eye colors that the Iltanyu do not have. They have smaller pointy noses, with long faces. Large lips for both men and women, but more so for women. They have smaller ears that have distinctly smooth attached earlobes. The men have no facial hair until late 40's, some even later. They have very skinny limbs and are almost never seen to have chubby bellies or even fat around the neck or cheeks, no matter how lazy and gluttonous One Vahndenyu may become. Many people see them as starving they are so thin and tall, but they are suprisingly agile and muscular for their appearances.

Abstracts The most unique feature of the Vahndenyu is that the Women cannot become pregnant more than twice in their life. There is some sort of mechanism that shuts the ovaries down after the second pregnancy begins. They are, however, very likely to have sets of Twins, Triplets, and even Quadruplets at a time; The children are almost exclusively Fraternal Twins, and Rarely Identical. The most common Vahndenyu woman can expect to have Triplets her first time, and then a pair of Twins. Despite the limitation of only 2 pregnancies in their lifetime. They rarely ever have fewer than 3 children. (3 or less is usually looked at with caution, and limits the children from finding successful mates; but 5 or more is looked at with great attraction and woman who bear so many are sought after greatly).