Kernan's Official Flag


The First Republic of Kernan- The First Republic was a short lived country that was destroyed by greed. It's first and only President was John Rio. John's administration was catigorized with violence of all kinds, corruption to the highest levels, widespread poverty and a failing economy. The people rose up after 3 months and deposed Rio. Rio fled Rio City when the Peoples Army entered the city after a week of fighting. Rio criss crossed the coutnry fleeing the Peoples Army for weeks but was finally caught as he tried to flee the country.  He was hanged by the feet and beat to death by a mob. The deposition of Rio left a power vaccum that destroyed the Republic and the country decended into violence.

The Communist Peoples Republic of Kernan- The vaccum was eventully filled when Communists entered Port City, smashing the last resistance to their regime. Under James Long the country prospered and even managed to set up a colony on another continet. The Dire Leader, a fascist revoluttonary, took over the colony and set up the Fascist Republic of Kernan. So began the Colony War which toppled Long and ushered in a new era of prosperity.

The Colony War- When the Dire Leader stormed the Colonial Capital and killed the Provincial Govenor the government of Kernan invaded.  The invasion was a dysmal failure  and the colony was destroyed the event furthur cemented the Dire Leader's propoganda that he was the protecter of the people, then the international community intervened. The majority of countries supported the Dire Leader and a invasion of Kernan proper was staged. The Kernian military desparatley tried to fight off the invaders but to no avail. The war raged for years and ruined the country but in the end James and his men were tried on trumped up charges and executed begining the Richard dynasty.

The Richard Dynasty- The Dire Leader died a month after the War after a long battle with cancer and his step brother, Max Richards, came to power. Max quickly loosened up government restrictions on the economy but tightened them in other areas. The now semi-free economy boosted Kernan to a place of wealth and happiness. For the first time in years Kernan was at peace, no war or internal struggles to speak of and the people were, and are, happy.