The Canus were created by Khalite.


They are similar to Humans, in that they have similar internal organs and such. They are upright and bipedal, but they have very striking similarities to canines. They have a very powerful and sensitive olfactory sense, and their noses make them quite useful for deducing information that most other creatures don't have access to.


Canus are known for kindness, social gregariousness, and promiscuity.

Mental Dymorphism

Male and Female Canus are quite different on an intellectual level. Male brains develop slower and to a more limited extent, making them noticeably less intelligent than their Female counterparts.

Ebon Syndrome

Canus that experience prolonged periods of psychological terror and immense stress can become afflicted by Ebon Snydrome. Their fur is permanently shifted to a black color, and they become noticeably less kind, more territorial, and more Human-like in behavior.