The Acochlied were created by Khalite.


The Acochlied are the strangest sentient species made by Khalite. They are invertebrate hermaphroditic gastropods with aquatic traits. They have no skeletons. Their internal organs are kept in place by complex layers of flexible muscle and interconnected strands of intramuscular cartilage. They are upright, walking on two legs, and manipulating objects with hands ending in 'fingers', but that's where the similarities between the Acochlied and other species end. Their eyes are centered on flexible stalks(their vision isn't the greatest).

An Acochlied is typically slimy and slippery, and unpleasant to behold. Their flesh is often shiny and somewhat bumpy-looking, like a slug. Ugly they may be, but they're not stupid. They tend to substitute cleverness for violence. Their mouths make it somewhat difficult to produce certain sounds, but they can manage to produce intelligible language with a combination of tentacle-movements and shifting of the radula.

They have no visible shoulders, because their arms rather gradually angle out from the sides of their torso. They do not have a neck. Instead, their 'head' gradually slopes up from the torso, much like the body of a slug. Neither do they have hips, knees, ankles, or toes. Despite this awkward appearance, they have a superb sense of balance.

Eating and DigestionEdit

Their mouths are an assemblage of tentacle growths surrounding and covering a 'radula' style mouth that is contained within their face. The radula mouth allows them to rapidly eat almost anything, making short work of any meal so that they can quickly move on to the next activity.

Their digestive systems are very robust and efficient, and they produce very little waste. They are scavengers that prefer to eat foods like fungus, molds, carrion, or even bio-material waste and food that has gone rotten. They never seem to get sick, because ingesting huge varieties of bacteria is something that keeps their immune systems functioning properly.


They wear special suits that make their bodies appear more normal, and they can manually adjust their bodies to make it appear as if they do indeed have some bones and 'shape' that is not entirely slug-like. The suit also helps to contain their slight ammonia scent, which is one of the byproducts of their unique biology.

Economic Impact

Acochlied can buy up and eat entire stocks of spoiled or ruined food, which will net many food businesses an enormous savings. Storefronts and food retailers can rest easy knowing that anything they don't sell to regular customers can be shipped to the Acochlied for a profit on goods that would normally go to waste.