The Teemo in it's natural habitat

The Teemo is Avadon 's national animal. It is wide in numbers and adorable and cute.

Teemo FurEdit

Teemo fur is extremely prized due to extreme hunting restrictions on it.

T. Furs IncEdit

The T. Furs Inc trading company specializes in trading Teemo Fur. Teemo Fur's current market price is around $200/small pelt or $1000 for a full Teemo pelt. Due to extreme hunting restrictions, T. Furs has greatly increased it's prices in the past 5 years. The most popular selling Teemo product by this company is the Teemo Ear Cupholder.

Teemo TradingEdit

The Teemo black market is extremely popular but highly despised by the Avadonian government.

Uses of TeemoEdit

Other than for furs, Teemo also has several other uses. Many collectors collect Teemo darts and small children like to collect Teemo toys. The Teemo was also used for the Teemo Hunting Festival which has now changed to using more humane means.


Teemo in a popular Cotton outfit.

Seveal outfits have been designed for the Teemo which does not harm it. The Cottontail, the Badger, Space Teemo, the Panda and the Killer Teemo are all very popular styles. Many of these designs were done by Dan Humphrey and published by T. Furs.