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Spiritualizan Government

The Lizan government has gone through numerous changes. It has been Authoritarian Socialist, Democratic Communist, and back and forth through a number of identities without fully settling on a single system.

Spiritualiza 's most prominent and revered leader was a man named General Secretary Viktor Skitz, who headed the Authoritarian Socialist State.

The leader of the Democraic Communist State was President Visar Karlovek, who was arrested for defaming and tarnishing the image of Viktor Skitz.

Spiritualiza is currently a Nationalist Dictatorship with a single leader after the President's arrest. As it stands, Spiritualiza is now ruled by Supreme Tyrant Alov Zeilkov.


Spiritualiza supports a large and well-funded military industrial complex. Spiritualiza has many ground-based defenses, and at one point they produced space ships capable of much destruction. Military funding for space was cut, so that more conventional systems could be improved.


Spiritualiza is home to two species; Humans and Drakons. The former are the ancestral people of Spiritualiza, and the latter are a creation that has risen to prominence among the Lizan people. Click here to learn more about the Drakon


The Spiritualizan people are referred to as "Lizans".