The Solfasist Pact

The Solfasist Pact is a peculiar alliance of nations within the Lerodan Star System. It is headed by Khalikhan, the Socialist puppet of Khalite. 

The main goal of the Solfasist Pact is to aid less advanced nations so that they might be better able to produce sophisticated space programs. The secondary goal is to encourage those that already have space programs to expand them and develop new technologies to strengthen the Solfasist Pact as a whole.

The Solfasist Pact is also a military alliance, and the member states that form the pact have authorization to defend one another during wartime.

The Solfasist Pact does not allow member nations to independently declare war without a valid casus belli and approval from High Chairwoman Scylla.

Anti-Vahr Ideology

The Solfasist Pact- and especially its leader, Khalikhan -believe the Vahr species of Vanhania to be dangerous. They base this belief off the fact that Vahr breed quickly and they exhibit an eerie kind of political and specis unity that multiplies the danger of their numbers.

The Vahr maintain a polytheistic religion, and this faith is another source of consternation by the pact.

The Solfasist Pact may intensely dislike the Vahr, but contrary to popular belief the pact does not believe that killing all Vahr is the answer.

They believe the answer is economically depriving the Vahr of trade partners and allies, since the Vahr's primary methodology of expanding their own power invariably leads to the Vahr trying to subvert or diminish another nation to benefit their own.

Because of this ideology, the Solfasist Pact has been accused of being an institution of racism and hatred. The Solfasist Pact refutes these claims and espouses the idea that their mission to halt the Vahr is a noble one aimed at giving the other races of Lerodas a leg-up.

Anti-Imperialist Ideology

The Solfasist Pact is an alliance founded on an abiding belief that conquest and subjugation of others is evil. The pact believes in retaliation before acting as the aggressor. Khalikhan, and Khalite, do not find any pleasure or utility in carving up land through warfare. 

The Solfasist Pact remains alert for groups or nations that seek to grow their empires through conquest, and it stands ready to attempt liberation of wrongfully oppressed and annexed nations.

An example of this is when Vanhania and Spiritualiza conquered the nation of Aquarius. Parts of the Solfasist Pact attempted to stop the Vahr and the Lizans, culminating in [i]Operation: Molten Iron[/i], a huge aerial bombardment compaign of Vahr and Lizan armies with incendiary weapons such as Napalm, Visium, and TDN.

It had mixed success, but Aquarius remains a conquered territory.

Corporate Contracts

The Solfasist Pact works closely with certain corporations to expand its business interests in a responsible yet lucrative manner. These corporations include:

Global Trust Incorporated

LK Dynamics

And other miscellaneous businesses.