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Sindahri is the larger of the twin moons which at one point was a barren lifeless land but was terraformed through a international project soon after the formation of the coalition. Sindahr is now full of life and has a surface area of 320,003,000 km2 with over 43% of that being water. There is one large land mass on Sindahri with many smaller islands which are home to many Lerodan lifeforms. 


Sindahri completes one orbit around Lerodas once every 27 days with an orbit similar to Lorahm’s but more than twice as far away and closer in the north. Sindahri appears slightly smaller than Lorahm due to its distance from Lerodas. Sindahri’s surface temperatures are very similar to Lorahm’s surface temperature as both are very similar to Lerodas’ temperatures.

When Sindahri eclipses the sun it causes an effect similar to Lorahm’s but instead of red it appears a yellowish gold. The Sindahri effect only occurs in the northern hemisphere for an unknown reason. 

Mineral Make upEdit

Sindahri is rich with substances such as iron, gold, magnesium, and silver and many other industrial metals.