Rods of Satan

The Satellite with weapons ready.

This is an orbital weapon made by Spiritualiza .

Spiritualizan Satellite WeaponEdit

The Platform:

The RoS kill vehicle launch platform consists of a satellite armed with 12 telephone pole sized Tungsten rods loaded into 12 launch tubes mounted on one end of the satellite. The satellite employs high efficiency photo-voltaic panels or "demon wings" to generate electricity directly from sunlight. The satellites are then placed into orbit and must be reloaded after each use, or de-orbited and a replacement launched. The current Spiritualizan system consists of [CENSORED] satellites, though the number is assumed to be over 300.

The Rods:

The rods are made of Tungsten, and on their tip is a heat shielding material, which is [CENSORED]. On the back of the rods is a rocket motor, which fires once the rod has separated from the satellite. The motor powers the rod until gravity accelerates it to a speed of 42,000 feet per second, through the Lerodan atmosphere, eventually smashing into the crust. The rods are twenty feet long and one foot in diameter.

This coupled with the speed, causes the crust to crack, spewing dirt and tearing up the ground as the shockwave travels, which is known to cause mega earthquakes.