Lerodan Calendar Info

(Disclaimer: This information is taken from Fraserland's post on the calebdar here: Lerodan Calendar For the most part I just adapted it to this page)

Day- 32 hours

Week - 9 days

Month - 3 weeks

Year - 21 months (567 days, except for on leap year, 571.)

Age - 1,000 years

Leap year - leap year occurs ever seven years and adds four days to the 4th day.


Season Nothern Hemispehere Southern Hemisphere
Spring 2nd Month - Mid 6th Month Late 12th Month-Early 17th Month
Summer Mid 6th Month - Late 12 Month 18th Month - Early 2nd Month
Fall Late 12th Month - End of 17th Month 2nd Month - Mid 6th Month
Winter 18th Month - Early 2nd Month Mid 6th Month - Late 12th month

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Thusfar in Lerodas, there have been 17 ages. We're on age 18 "right now". Hard to say that, with how fluid time is on NS, but yeah. That's where we're stopping at this moment in time. Anything previous to these 18 ages is considered prehistoric. As stated above, an age on Lerodas is 1,000 years. I've named the first five ages already, seeing as this started on the Hölzik continent, I would've imagined they'd done some work on it before it started spreading. This will be the "official" list of ages. Like I said, I can imagine some nations changing stuff in it for their own cultures. Once we figure Lerodan history out (which could take months, maybe even a year) we can "correctly" name all the ages on the "official" calendar, knowing what major things happened in the age, and whatnot.

  • Age 1 - Age of Clankriegen
  • Age 2 - Age of Hölz
  • Age 3 - Age of Ruhe
  • Age 4 - Age of Funken
  • Age 5 - Age of Expansion
  • Age 6 -
  • Age 7 -
  • Age 8 -
  • Age 9 -
  • Age 10 -
  • Age 11 -
  • Age 12 -
  • Age 13 -
  • Age 14 -
  • Age 15 -
  • Age 16 -
  • Age 17 -
  • Age 18 - (Current age, unnamed. Ages are named after they're complete.)


To date a certain time, like how we do 11/23/98, it is slightly different with the Lerodan calendar. Rather than having Month/Day/Year, it is correct to do Day/Month/Year. If you're speaking about another age besides the current one, you should also inlude,"Of the (Ordinal number here) Age", or "of the (Age name here) Age".