The Military of Iltaakwenusih has rarely been a very structured beast.  Divisions of Units have never been regular as each Clan had a particular taste and style in organization habits and beliefs;  The most recognizable Division between all clans is the "Fog", which has always been 1,950 soldiers in at least 19 Clans throughout recorded Iltanyu military history.  The reason is still unknown, but many currently believe it is an homage and patronage to the 1,950 warriors who defeated an entire army of Vandr (roughly 10,000) at the Battle of Bald Mountain that secured the victory of the Iltanyu peoples over the Vandr.  This is, of course, probably an exaggeration and fantastical story turned legend turned nationally held truth.

The only historically consistent forms of Rank were Youngling, Redman, and Warchief.  Warchiefs are obviously the highest levels of command for any Clan's Warriors, but once clans began to unite and confederate throughout the turmoil, the Warchief became less Powerful as more and more warriors were pulled together for larger wars.  Historically Warchiefs were first to battle and commanded the warriors out in the battle, but have now become strategists and High Commanders governing tens to hundreds of thousands of warriors at a time.

Divisions of UnitsEdit

Iltanyu have kept much smaller armies and such over their history, but recently have become much more acquainted with larger structures for their Armed Forces, so there are large leaps in commanding numbers between levels.

Siohdo "Triad" = 3 soldiers

Kanote "Hunting party" = 8 soldiers (2 Siohdo)

Laitano "Troop/gang" = 36 soldiers (4 Kanote)

Tohkida "Couple" = 74 soldiers (2 Laitano)

Mehsi "Fog" = 1950 soldiers (26 Tohkida)

Kayeldo "Torrent" = 20,000-500,000 soldiers (~10~256 Mehsi)

LAF RanksEdit

Kutiah "Youngling" = ~Private

Kanokuagu "Hunter" = ~Private First Class (Commands a Siohdo)

Darahgu "Warrior" = ~Sergeant (Commands a Kanote)

Sitahgu "Guardian" = ~Lieutenant (Commands a Laitano)

Giwovi "Captain" = ~Major (Commands a Tohkida)

Osahledah "Redman" = ~Colonel (Commands a Mehsi)

Raukovi "Warchief" = ~General (Commands a Kayeldo)

raukovi "Warchief of Army" = ~General of the Army/etc (Commands all enlisted soldiers)