Zaku Refit

Sojian work crews helping with the proper makings of a Khalite mobile suit.

With Sojian help, Khalite started and completed its own Mobile Suit Weapon program.

Groza-Ukaz UnitEdit

  • Model number: MS-05B1
  • Code name: "Groza" or "Ukaz"
  • Unit type: Mass Production || General Purpose || Multi-Class || Mobile Suit
  • Manufacturer: FDK
  • Operator: KAF
  • First deployment: 2 years before Great War
  • Accommodation: Pilot Only || Standard Torso Cockpit
  • Zaku

    An Ukaz Mobile Suit, ready for combat

    Dimensions: Head-Height- 17.5 meters
  • Weight: Empty 50 metric tons; Max gross 72 metric tons
  • Armor materials: Super-hard steel alloy
  • Powerplant: Trihexaline type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1,215 kW
  • Propulsion: Rocket thrusters: 2 x 22,000 kg, 4 x 4,000 kg; option for 2 x solid rocket boosters, mounted on backpack
  • Performance: Maximum thruster acceleration 0.8 G; 180-degree turn time 1.65 seconds
  • Equipment and design features: Radio Telemetry, Infrared, Laserscopic, ranged 4,000 meters
  • Fixed armaments: None
  • Optional fixed arma
  • ments: 2 x 3-tube missile pod || Mounted one to a leg


Medium Range WeaponEdit

MMC-80 100mm Machine Gun: drum-fed, 100 rounds per drum, spare drums can be stored on waist armor storage racks. Type- Electromagnetic Coilgun, High Velocity



Short Range Weapon

LMC-70 90mm Short Machine Gun: clip-fed, 32 rounds per clip, spare clips can be stored on waist armor storage racks. Type- Electromagnetic Coilgun, High Velocity



Anti-Bunker/Vehicle Weapon

280mm Ukaz Faust: single warhead, disposable, spare warheads can be stored on hip/waist storage racks. Type- Shaped charge

Ukaz Faust

Ukaz Faust

Heavy Anti-Vehicle Weapon

280mm Ukaz Bazooka: cartridge-fed, 4 rounds per cartridge, spare cartridges can be stored on waist armor storage racks; Heat-Seeking, Fuel-Air Explosive, High-Explosive Anti-Tank

Ukaz Bazooka

Ukaz Bazooka

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