Khalikhan's Flag!

This page is for the nation of Khalikhan.

Socialist Eco State

Khalikhan is a socialist country that values its environment, security, and economic independence. The country forbids many types of imports.

Puppet State

Khalikhan heels to the authority of Khalite, the progenitor nation that founded Khalikhan. Khalikhan is semi-autonomous.

Khalikhan's leader, former Agent Director Scylla of the Commissariat, is actually a High Chairman. High Chairwoman, to be precise.

Demonym & Language

The Khalikhan people are referred to as "Khalikhanese". The primary language spoken by Khalikhanese (and by extension, Khalite) citizens is Cantonese. English is the language of trade and diplomacy.

Cosmopolitan Species Diversity

Khalikhan is home to 6 species of sentient being:

Human, Zayd , Selakus , Canus , Meilong, and Acochlied . The four latter species are creations of Khalite. 

Solfasist Membership

Khalikhan is a member nation of the Solfasist Pact , and it is the organizational center for pact politics on Lerodas. Khalikhan has many protectionist measures in place to prevent trade with Vanhania.