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Icemage was founded on December 27, 1857 to reorganize the scattered elemental wizards and sensitive colonies across the planet. It rapidly grew as tons of mages flocked to the cities seeking refuge from the unenlightened. The power of ice was seen as a perversion and innately destructive, as it called for a basic twisting of an elemental's nature as well as the world around them. To solve the overload,  the entire country used space distortion magic to enlarge the space they lived in without changing the nation's geological area. It was originally founded as a small port city in the south pole. A group of Elementals known as "Ice Mages" provided hospitality to the sailors, giving the nation its name. When the country's states began trading with themselves, Icemage was viewed as a ideal place for a port city, seeing as it is near several Sub-Antarctic Islands and also the Antarctic Peninsula.

As the population grew, so did it's territorial holdings. Children born with the caul are referred to as benandanti or "Good Walkers" who battle evil witches at night to ensure the bounty of the next year's crops. Most of the magic is performed by specialists.

The average citizens have some simple magical rituals for everyday living, but in situations of particular importance, especially when health or major life events are concerned, a specialist elemental will often be consulted. The powers of both specialist and common mages are determined by culturally accepted standards. A mage is forbidden to invent or claim new magic; they are only as powerful as their peers believe them to be. The higher the level of belief, the more powerful the practitioner.

The government is oppressive, but they feel it's what's necessary to ensure the safety of its people. The most valuable thing in the lives of their citizens, the most precious of all possessions, cannot be achieved or acquired cheaply or easily. If they want something cheap, easy, and safe, liberty is the one thing they will never have; but if it is ease, security, and safety they seek, it is not freedom they want anyway.