==    Glaedirsgrad -- The Dragonland==

Seal of Garjunda

The Seal of Garjundar is the longest surviving symbol in Glaediran history. It was believed to hold supernatural powers.

History, Geography, and Glaediran General Information

   Glaedirsgrad is a large Island located in central Lerodas. The land is diverse by way of aesthetics and weather. In the center of the land are clusters of mountains that affect airflow, elongating the winter months. The land outside of the center is made of of valleys, hill regions, plains, expansive forests, natural water falls, few marshes, and two natural hot spring locations. Misty permeates much of the lands surrounding the mountains. Most of the Glaediran coast is made of of stone cliffs, some rising up to 90 meters in places.

The wilderness teems with local wildlife as Glaedirans do not hunt, Many Glaedirans do not venture into the forests or hills as the wildlife that inhabit the land are extremely territorial. Many young travelers go missing after heading out on their own to get a glimpse at Glaedirsgrads' pristine and well cultivated environment, usually rescued by monthly search and rescue training missions; not all are found.

The ocean in the immediate vicinity of Glaedirsgrad is mostly hospitable during the Spring and Fall seasons; aside from those times, the waters are quite treacherous due to tropical storm movements and shallow waters.

The winter months have become mild in recent years, reaching highs up to -35C. During the summer months, highs are usually between 35C and 38C. The intermediate months, Spring and Fall, stay on average at a cool 18C to 22C.

The PeopleEdit

Glaedirans are a people mostly self reliant, moralistic, and compassionate of their fellow kin and their nations allies. Culturally structured, Glaedirans also keep loose, sometimes strict traditions that vary from family to family. Few official clans still exist in this modern era, but be they Clansmen or average folk, Glaedirans love to gather with their dear ones and be social, either by way of parties or feasts or even both!

Within all societies, there are more than a few bad apples. When someone is arrested in Glaedirsgrad, a Court will try the criminal. If the criminal was convicted for a serious crime, he would be sent to the infamous "Red Stadium" where a criminal will have to regain his honor by fighting for his/her life. No Glaediran has ever won back their freedom as none have truly learned from the experience. The Leader always watches over the event, which is never televised. Only military and police officials and those who would want to watch the deaths of those who broke their public trust.

The Current RegimeEdit

For the past fourteen years, former Prime-Minister Gehrch, now Leader of the Glaediran people, has taken it upon himself to forge a moralistic path for his people, immigrants and all. Some call Gehrch a Dictator, though he does not deny it, he addresses his with pure, sometimes blunt, honesty. Matters of the state are classified only when they are not self incriminating, potentially dangerous information, or generally necessarily clandestine projects/operations.