Entios' national flag

The Democractic Republic of EntiosEdit

The Democratic Republic of Entios, is a small old nation.

With it's intelligent population of around 90 million (as of 9th january 2014) it is a very democratic and socialist nation.


It all started long ago back in the 11th century,
some vikings from norway or sweden found this land that they called Entios after their captain Bjørn Enti Ole.

The vikings soon returned to their homeland to tell the others, but when thei was just about to sail home the ship burned down, possibly due to the many firebreathing "land-krakens" that the land had many millions of in its older times. The vikings was forced to settle in Entios. Many heard about this land, and after many many years all the way to the 18th century the population had grown to 18 million!

But then the white murderer sneaked into the land. The white murderer was a virus that took 16 million lives in Entios! 1 million flew from the land to never go back again. So again the population was at 1 million leaving it one of the weakest land in its area. 1901 the land was parted in 2 Entios and Nentios, the population was at 8 million.
1903 Nentios declared war on Entios, 3 million died. After the war was over Entios and Nentios merged together again with a population of 5 million.


Entios has always been a revelutionary space nation, entios' first sattelite was named "Sentio" and orbits the earth today.

Entios has later sent 2 missions to mars and 1 space station to low leordan orbit and the goverment is also planning a interstellar mission, the so called "Laythe 1" will travel to Kervu Centivu where it will study the plannet Terrvia.



Queva Entios' 3rd biggest city, it is famous because of it's markets

Envia Entios' capital and largest city, it is entios' main sea port.

Navu Navu is the home of Entios' Navy

Pasc Pasc is known as Entios' heaven, as it is said to be the most stunning and culture rich town by many people.

VanPedia Is Entios' coldest city having a record of -32 degrees celcius. It is also Entios' 2nd largest city.

Sjikalu Sjikalu is a small and very turist popular city.

Kanvia Kanvia is a small town which is known for it's aircraft production.

Snaku Snaku is a very small town located at the top of a mountain.