New Flag

Cape Cardinal's national flag


Cape Cardinal is a constitutional monarchy located 1,500 Kilometres south of the equator on planet Lerodas. Cape Cardinal shares a border with Metal Harbour and has recently obtained the terrirory of Sable Island after a land despute with Amastris.


Cape Cardinal's system of government is a constitutional monarchy with a parlamentary system. The current monarch is Queen Alice the Great, the Prime Minister is Marc Léo Gallois, the Vice Prime Minister is Christopher Holt, the Speaker of the House is Nicole Reed and the Chief Justice is Brad Taylor.


The country has a a climate very similar to Australia. The middle of the country has a desert climate with vast oil fields and beatuiful, yellow rock formations. The southern tip of the country has a temperate climate. It rarely snows, but when it does, its not unusual for Kingston, Margaree or Plymouth to get up to 6 inches at a time. The south is also home to the national animal, the Northern Cardinal.

The coastal areas near the middle of the country are sub-tropical with temperatures averaging 15°C in the winter and 22°C in the summer. Some major cities in this sub-tropical area are Aberdeen, Holloway and Grimsby.

The north of the country is mostly tropical but with grassland the further south you go. Temperatures average about 16°C in the winter and 29°C in the summer, but at night in the wintertime, temperatures are known to drop to as low as 7°C.